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What we do

Our services support key areas such as helping companies formulate Frictionless customer experiences, Infrastructure migration, Cybersecurity advice, Risk Management, Compliance and Business Continuity Planning.

We offer decades of experience acquired from helping both
local and multinational organisations in various market sectors and within many countries understand and manage their risks.

Our goal is to foster strong and lasting relationships with
our customers and build trust through:

• The provision of efficient, effective and reliable solutions
and services

• Provide the most appropriate skills and expertise for the task

• Operate with integrity, honesty and honour our commitments

• Supporting corporate social responsibility to the communities
within which we operate

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Level8 is a fully black owned, proudly South African and a BEE Level 1 accredited
privately held company headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa.

Mohamed Mukadam


We have extensive practical and hands-on experience and insights gained

• Across diverse market sectors such as Oil and Gas, Financial Services,
Retail and Wholesale, Engineering, Research, Transportation and Government

• Within a range of enterprise and organisational sizes ranging from SMME
to multi-national corporations and Government

• From global exposure including Africa (South Africa, Angola, Botswana,
Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, Algeria),
Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan), Australasia (Australia),
Europe (England), America (USA)

• Through the practical application of various compliance obligations
such as SOX (US), PCI, Data Protection, ECT, KING IV, POPI, etc.

• With a management team, each with over 30 years’ experience
solving business challenges backed by qualifications including
general business management, specialised industry certifications
and general industry qualifications

• Deep infrastructure and outsourcing management experience

Let’s assist your entity

An effective IT capability is becoming more important within IT organisations as it faces a growing challenge to show business value from growing

IT investments, develop disruptive strategies, an increasing need from regulatory and other stakeholders to demonstrate effective and sustainable
controls and to manage increased business dependencies through the application of effective operational and information risk management.
Level8 assists organisations by helping to design and implement cohesive and integrated IT strategies and governance processes
linked to corporate governance principles and designed to deliver business value.